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R/X Modifications

Avcon's Prescription for the Ultimate Lear 35/36

A Long-Range Fuel Solution

For years Learjet owners have asked for a long-range version of the Lear 35/36-an aircraft that could fly further than its standard counterpart without sacrificing interior cabin space or payload.

Well, Avcon loves a challenge!  The Avcon Range Extension Mod (R/X™) not only flys further, it also carries more payload, and is so stable that yaw dampers are not required for dispatch. 

Increased Range

The Avcon R/X adds 750 pounds of usable fuel in the tip tanks, which provides up to 40 minutes of additional flight time at normal cruise speeds and altitudes.  By manufacturing the same tank diameter there is very little increase in drag associated with the tip tank extension.

IFR Range Estimates With Full Fuel*
Lear 35 R/X
Over 2,100 N.M.
Lear 36 R/X
Over 2,800 N.M.
*Based on conservative extrapolation of data published in B/CA Annual Planning and Purchasing Edition: May, 1997

Lear 35 R/X owners can plan coast-to-coast flights with favorable winds, and the Lear 36 R/X can easily make Hawaii from the West Coast, even with a headwind.

Increased Payload

As an added benefit, the installation of Avcon Fins allows Learjet R/X owners to purchase optional weight increases:

Avcon Fin Weight Increase Chart*
Ramp Weight:
19,850 pounds
Take-off Weight:
19,600 pounds
Landing Weight:
16,000 pounds
Zero Wing & Tip Fuel Weight:
14,500 pounds
*Requires installation of heavy landing gear (AAK 80-3 or equivalent) on earlier L-35/36 model aircraft.

The weight increases are FAA approved, and may result in a net increase in useful load of almost 1,200 pounds.  Even with a full fuel load, two more passengers with bags can be taken on those extended flights, resulting in increased revenue or mission flexibility.

Increased Stability

The AVCON R/X Mod includes AVCON FINS for increased stability and cruise efficiency.  Yaw dampers are no longer required, therefore dispatch reliability is improved.  Elimination of the yaw damper requirement also speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the Avcon Fins.

To find out more about the AVCON R/X Mod or other Learjet modifications, call or fax Avcon today.  We will be happy to answer your questions and send you a brochure that describes our capabilities, products and services.

Avcon Industries, Inc. Phone: 316-284-2842
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