Butler National Corporation (BUKS) Business Segments:
Aerospace Products and Professional Services.

The Aerospace segment focuses on three markets: Special Mission Aircraft Modifications, Avionics and Commerical-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Control Systems. The Aerospace segment is engaged in design, system integration, engineering, manufacturing, installation, service, and repair of aircraft and aircraft products. Avcon Industries (Avcon) and Avcon ISR Solutions provide modification of airframes, equipment installations and systems integration for special mission aircraft. Butler Avionics provides equipment sales, integration, installations, overhauls and avionics repairs. The businesses develop Federal Aviation Administration STC approved solutions. Butler National Corporation located in Tempe, Arizona provides COTS control products and accessories.

The Professional Services segment performs professional management services in the gaming industry through Butler National Service Corporation (BNSC) and BHCMC. Professional architectural, engineering and management support services are offered through BCS Design.

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