Segment Overview:

The Aerospace segment develops performance enhancement modifications, special mission (ISR) and regulatory-driven aircraft solutions with its engineering design, fabrication, service and installation teams performing system integration, engineering, manufacturing, installations, service, overhaul and repair of aircraft products. Aerospace customers range in size from owners and operators of single engine airplanes to owners and operators of large commercial and military aircraft. Aerospace Products are sold and serviced globally.

Aerospace has three operating divisions: Avcon Industries, Inc., Butler Avionics, Inc., and Butler National-Tempe. Avcon provides FAA-approved provisions and systems integration for aircraft special mission equipment installations and performance products. Butler Avionics provides equipment manufacturing, sales, installations and service. Butler National-Tempe provides electronic controls, testing and safety equipment manufacture and sales.

About Avcon

Avcon Industries, Inc.

Avcon, an AS9100C qualified facility, is located in Newton, Kansas (KEWK).

Avcon Industries, Inc. (“Avcon”) modifies business-size aircraft, providing custom electronics integration, installation of custom radar systems, aerial photography capabilities, ISR equipment, stability-enhancing modifications and passenger and freighter conversions for Learjet, Beechcraft, Bombardier, Cessna and Dassault Falcon aircraft, along with other specialized modifications (i.e. Special Mission). Avcon specializes in acquiring FAA approval for custom aircraft modifications.

Avcon serves customers around the world by providing customized aircraft modifications, including both structural and electrical integration solutions. Avcon products and services specifically target special mission aircraft (ISR) requirements, aerial photography and utility enhancement of business jet and turboprop aircraft. Avcon Technical Services include Project Management, DER Engineering Support, PMA Parts Manufacturing, Airframe Modifications, Maintenance and Repairs, DER Flight Testing and Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) Coordination.

Avcon operates FAA Part 145 Repair Station (B92R22N). Avcon is an EASA approved repair station (EASA.145.5960).


FAA Repair Station (B92R22N)
EASA Repair Station (EASA.145.5960)
DGAC (B92R22N) Approved
ISO 9001 2008 with Design
CAGE Code 1EC37

Phone & Fax

Phone: 316-284-2842
Fax: 316-284-2844


714 North Oliver
Newton, KS 67114

About Butler Avionics

Butler Avionics, Inc.

Butler Avionics is located in Gardner, Kansas, at the New Century (KIXD) Airport.

Butler Avionics provides manufacture, integration, installation, service and sale of electronic equipment and systems. Butler Avionics specializes in mandated equipment and technical solutions such as avionics for the pending requirements for Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) systems.

Butler Avionics provides engineering, systems integration, design, manufacturing, build-to-print, installation and repair services, as well as the overhaul and certification of aviation-related parts. Butler Avionics works with its corporate parent to acquire FAA Supplemental Type Certificates for new equipment installations.

Butler Avionics operates FAA Repair Station (TF2R185L) and has Parts Manufacturing Authority (PMA).
Butler Avionics is an EASA approved repair station (EASA.145.6557)


FAA Repair Station (TF2R185L)
EASA Repair Station (EASA.145.6557)
CAGE Code 4L646

Phone & Fax

Phone: 913-829-4606
Fax: 913-829-4326


280 Gardner Drive, Ste #3
New Century, KS 66031-1104

About BNC – Tempe

Butler National – Tempe

BNC-Tempe (located in Tempe, AZ) supplies commercial and defense electronics products to airlines, OEMs and contractors serving and government agencies.

BNC–Tempe integrates, designs, manufactures, and repairs commercial and defense products. Tempe specializes in electronic controls, gun control equipment and computers, (aircraft) fuel tank safety solutions, cabling solutions, test equipment, ordnance-related products, and custom manufacturing.

BNC-Tempe provides custom engineering, manufacturing, and repair services. Tempe sells gun control units for the Apache-mounted M230 cannon, Hangfire Override Modules for all Boeing-derived Chain-Gun® cannons and various ordnance-related cabling and test equipment. BNC-Tempe has also provided Transient Suppression Devices (TSDs) for Classic Boeing aircraft (including the 737 and 747) to comply with fuel tank safety airworthiness directives. Since 1968, BNC-Tempe has provided repair/overhaul services for the McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) Butler National avionics switching units.

Tempe operates FAA Repair Station (WTVR470K).


FAA Repair Station (WTVR470K)
CAGE Code 0KT82

Phone & Fax

Phone: 480-491-5551
Fax: 480-491-5352


4654 S. Ash Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85282