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The Aerospace segment develops performance enhancements, aircraft modifications, special mission (ISR) aircraft conversions and regulatory-driven solutions. Services offered by the aerospace segment include engineering design, fabrication, maintenance, system integration, manufacturing, overhaul and repair of aircraft and aircraft-related products.

Special-Mission Mods

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Avcon Industries, Inc. (“Avcon”) is a special-mission and aircraft modification facility located at the Newton City / County Airport (KEWK) in Newton, Kansas.

Avcon has built a substantial list of regular customers, modifications and types of aircraft which include Learjet, Inc., Flight International, Inc., Cessna Aircraft, Beech Aircraft, NASA, Hawker Pacific, Continental Airlines, the United States Air Force, and numerous international government and military organizations.

A Bombardier Challenger equipped with Avcon Special Mission / ISR modifications, including aerial photography equipment. Avcon is a global “Go-To” facility for Aerial Photographic and Mapping Solutions. Avcon solutions include aircraft installation of provisions for legacy and state-of-the-art cameras, LIDAR, Electro-Optics / Infrared – EO/IR sensors, among other items.

About Avcon

Avcon products and services specifically target special mission aircraft (ISR) requirements, aerial photography and utility enhancement of business jet and turboprop aircraft.

The facility modifies business aircraft, providing custom electronics integration, installation of unique radar systems, aerial photography capabilities, ISR equipment, stability-enhancing modifications and passenger and freighter conversions for Learjet, Beechcraft, Bombardier, Cessna and Dassault Falcon aircraft, along with other specialized modifications (i.e. Special Mission). Technical Services include Project Management, DER Engineering Support, PMA Parts Manufacturing, Airframe Modifications, Maintenance and Repairs, DER Flight Testing and Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) Coordination. Avcon also specializes in acquiring FAA approval for custom aircraft modifications. Avcon is known globally for its Learjet and King Air modifications.

Our Customers

Avcon provides its custom aircraft modifications to customers worldwide. Avcon custom modifications include provisions for ISR operations, aerial photography, conversions to air ambulance, fuel system modifications, avionics retrofits and conversions from passenger to freighter configurations.


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